Civic Academy for young disseminators from France, Germany and the Western Balkans

Tagungszentrum Europäische Akademie, Europahausstraße, Nonnweiler, Germany

11 June at 9:00 am — 18 June at 7:00 pm


Making Europe Work

  • You are motivated to enhance civil societies in France, Germany and the Balkans…
  • You are active in a socio-politically organization…
  • Your organization is based in Germany, France or the Western Balkans…
  • You are interested in a cross-national dialog and intercultural projects…

… then you are exactly right here!

The European Academy and the Young European Federalists organize a seminar with young multipliers from Germany, France and the Western Balkans. During the seminar you have the possibility to discuss recent issues in politics and civil society, to develop your skills for intercultural working and projects, as well as to work on your own cross-border project ideas. Besides this, there will be trips to Luxembourg, Trier and Saarbrucken, where you will have the chance to discuss with experts.


Thematic priorities:

Priorities of the seminar are project management, financial management, public relations, argumentation training, intercultural communication, background knowledge of topical political issues (e.g. populistic tendencies). For more details have a look at the program. The seminar is embedded in a long-term project (see below). Therefore we are searching for organizations/participants which will participate in the whole project until 2019.

More Information


Our long-term project “Making Europe work” brings together young motivated Europeans from the Balkans, France and Germany and focuses on ways to enhance the civil society in Eastern Europe. Which challenges do politics and societies face in the light of recent developments in Europe? What are the options for future European cooperation between the EU and non-EU Member States? What is the role of the young generation and what possibilities exist to become active in those fields? The Franco-German motor and the Western Balkans, a European region of crisis and opportunity, are of central importance in this context.

Project objectives and Period

Young people as disseminators of progressive ideas play a key role in this respect. The project therefore aims to bring together young people from these regions, who are committed to active citizenship. The goal is to encourage them and to develop their skills further, to promote the coordination of existing initiatives and to launch the implementation of joint transnational projects. The main objectives are empowerment, networking and coordination, and project development. The project started in 2016 and will run until 2019.


To reach these aims the project contains different events. During the year the group will stay in contact via frequently organized online meetings. This will give you the opportunity to develop project ideas together with the other participants. Furthermore experts will be invited to join the online discussions and provide you with knowledge about project management, political debates or funding opportunities. We will also organize networking event in different project countries. Once a year a seminar will take place in Otzenhausen where the group can meet in person.

Conditions of participation and eligibility criteria:

  • We focus on young people between the age of 18 and 26.
  • Socio-politically involved organizations (NGOs / civil society)
  • Organizations from Germany, France and the Western Balkans
  • Long-term participation in the project Good command of English (B2 CEFR) (Working language is English.)
  • Seminar fee: 100 € participants from Germany and France/ 85 € participants from the Western Balkans (accommodation, meals and field trip)
  • Travel costs can be partly reimbursed.
  • The closing date for applications is May 20th 2017.

You are interested…?!

…but you have still questions. Get in touch with:

Antje Brandt (European Academy Otzenhausen)

Tel. 06873 662-446, Fax 06873 662-350


…and you want to apply. Write an e-mail to

Anja Lück (European Academy Otzenhausen)


With the following details: Your name, your age, the name and aim of your organization, whether you are working voluntary or full-time, and your motivation/the motivation of the organization to participate in the project (max. 350 words).