ECIT Summer University on European Citizenship
6 September – 7 September 2018
European Committee of the Regions,

Rue Belliard 99-101, 1040 Brussels


We have great pleasure in announcing this year’s summer university

Join over 100 participants for the two- day series of workshops with partners, panel discussions and world café style deliberations. Everyone will have an equal chance to participate. A high profile public debate in the evening at the end of the summer university is likely to attract over 200 participants. You will pick up ideas and be able to test out your own.


This year there are special reasons to attend:

European citizenship must be writ large. We want to popularise European citizenship in its widest sense and for create a broad constituency. ECIT will provide a background discussion document bringing together the scattered elements of this first transnational citizenship of the modern era. It is up to you to come and put European citizenship on the map.

European elections in May next year provides the opportunity. The summer university will bring together different initiatives to drive a shared citizenship forward, such as creating European lists for the elections and calls for a democratically elected constitutional assembly .This will be an opportunity to test out ideas for influencing the elections.

The future of the EU budget and hence is being negotiated. There are proposals for a new EU values instrument and for grouping a number of programmes round that theme, whilst increasing the emphasis on research and education. This could open a new space for projects related to a shared citizenship.

Our call for partners has received a good response. Would you like to join the summer university as the next partner? If so, please fill in the form and we will come back to you. If you want to come as a participant, please fill in the separate form. A small participation fee of 75€ is charged to cover the costs at the MAI; a special rate of 30€ is foreseen for students, trainees and unemployed people.

Finally, please feel free to advertise the programme and circulate this invitation! We would be really grateful.

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