The Young European Council (YEC) is an award-winning international conference focused on bringing together young people who are passionate about the future of the European Union and who are determined to get involved in today’s policy and decision making.

The Young European Council 2017, this year’s edition, promises to be an exciting and dynamic conference. Held in Brussels from October 15 to 19, the event is a unique opportunity to meet other like-minded, ambitious young people who want to have their voices heard, present proposals to policy-makers and engage in discussions with topic experts.

YEL has decided that YEC17 will consist of three councils, namely Labour Market Affairs, Home Affairs and Digital and Communications Affairs.


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More Information

Applications for the following positions are now open:

Council Delegate
Representing their own personal perspective on EU issues, a Council Delegate will work with their fellow delegates to forward actionable policy recommendations from a youth perspective on current EU proposals in the form of the Final Communiqué.

Council Chair
As representative of the EU and head delegate of the Council, a YEC Chair leads the discussion of their Council and ensures the quality of the recommendations produced. While the Chair is not impartial, they are required to mediate the discussions fairly prior to and during the conference, ensuring that conclusions reached are by consensus.

Media Delegate
Responsible for communicating the activities of YEC17 to the outside world, there are three types of Media Delegates: Social Media delegate, Press Delegate and Media Production Delegate.

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