The Bringing Europeans Together Association (BETA) e.V. is a young, politically independent, non-profit association founded in August 2008 by nine young Europeans in Mainz. Today, BETA counts more than 400 members from all across Europe.

Our main goals are to foster European identity and consciousness based on plurality, tolerance and cooperation between individuals, as well as strengthening European civil society by further developing democratic processes on both national and international levels. To pursue these goals BETA,among other activities, organises simulations of the European legislative procedure called “Model European Union (MEU)” and supports other organisations with the organisation of such conferences.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Strengthen the European society by encouraging democratic processes and consciousness about the plurality of European identities, both on national and international level. Become a leading, well-run and supportive organisation which facilitates understanding of and within Europe. Young people need to have this knowledge in order to become active citizens in Europe and in their home countries, and we facilitate exactly that. We will do this through supporting organisations, projects and activities which are in accordance with our mission. BETA will encourage informed and active citizenship in Europe through:

  • Promoting intercultural exchange throughout our activities and events;
  • Strengthening civic networks by bringing organisations and people together;
  • Supporting non-formal education and advocating access to information about the work of the European Union;
  • Encouraging civic participation and volunteer work among our members and beyond;
  • Developing sustainable, impactful and professional educational events about EU politics, such as Model European Union conferences in Strasbourg and elsewhere
Main Activities
  • Model European Union conferences
  • MEU Symposium
  • Youth-led organisation
  • Members from all over Europe and beyond
  • Supports organisation of MEU conferences around the world