BUSINESS MENTALITY started in 2013 as an informal group of young people and in the same year held its first business conference titled "BUSINESS MENTALITY - Do not Lie on Ideas".

It was established in its current form as a Non-Profit Civic Society in August 2014 with the aim of promoting, enhancing and promoting entrepreneurial mindset for citizens and especially for youth.

Today, BUSINESS MENTALITY, through its diverse actions, has created an important network of collaborations across the nation and Europe, emphasizing creativity through information, networking and collaboration, believing that in this way societies will be led to development of a sustainable economic environment.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

The objectives of the BUSINESS MENTALITY are:

  • Promotion and development of environmentally friendly management of social and humanitarian business.
  • The development of the Internet connection with business as well as cultural, intellectual, social and political action.
  • The study and implementation of systems and models of business management and development as well as other entities.
  • Organization of events, seminars, presentations, exhibitions, bazaar etc., during which the activities of third persons of intellectual, social, political, philanthropic, commercial or entrepreneurial nature are hosted and performed.
  • Organizing education and training programs, organizing and publishing them with announcements and publications in the media to promote the aforementioned goals.
  • Collaboration and exchange of views with public or governmental bodies, whether national or foreign, on all matters pertaining to its aims and activities.
Main Activities

Since 2018, it has been a host of EUROPE DIRECT HALKIDIKI and since 2014, it has been an official guest of the European Commission at the Annual SME Assembly. It also participates in the cross-border exchange program “Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs” offering young or ambitious entrepreneurs (NE) the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills.

It implements Erasmus + Action Plans for Youth by helping young people, through exchanges and volunteering, to improve their skills and employment prospects and at the same time to discover new cultures and enhance the sense of European citizenship.

In 2016 he participated in the planning of the activities of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the Municipality of Kassandra.

In addition, within the framework of the NGO, special audiences are active in different areas:

  • BM Women Club, involves women entrepreneurs, professionals and employees from all over Greece with the aim to get to know, network, and cooperate with each other.
  • BM Youth Club, young people up to 35 years of age are participating to strengthen and develop leadership skills in the fields of Education, Science, Culture and Communication.
  • BM Ambassadors, mainly involved physical persons living outside of Greece who have met the NGO closely and represent it by participating in actions that take place abroad for networking.

BUSINESS MENTALITY conferences are business inspirational conferences and are held at least once a year, and always on topics that interact with those who are involved in the business sector or want to do so in their future.

BUSINESS MENTALITY is an accredited sending, hosting and coordinating body within the European Voluntary Service (EVS) program.

EVS is an integrated volunteering work program across Europe. All young people aged 17-30 have the right to participate and the duration is from 2-12 months. As an EVS volunteer, you will offer your services to an organization abroad but with financial support and coverage such as accommodation, meals, travel tickets, monthly pocket money, insurance, language support, etc. Volunteer projects can include various activities in such as youth work, culture, social welfare or environmental protection.

All participants receive the European “Youthpass” certificate to recognize the learning outcomes of their service.

Finance and Main Partners

At the same time during its operation, it has developed a network of volunteers and organizations that support the Organization’s actions within and within Greece such as Chambers, Businesses, Research Centers, Universities, NGOs, Consensus, cultural operators etc.

Also, it has signed memorandums of cooperation with organizations outside Greece such as:

YouthProAktiv, International Youth Federation – Brussels
Youth Support Center – Poland
Youth Alliance Krusevo – FYROM
National Association of Professional, Business and Handcraft’s Women – Albania
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) – Turkey