StoryCircus is a production company, working on documentaries, fictions and "new programs". On our editorial board: a complex visual grammar, bold staging, motion design, graphics, augmented or immersive shooting, linear or composite writing... To sum it up: a wide range of made to measure writing, all serving history and meaning.

Main Activities

StoryCircus is focused on documentaries, webseries and short programms, mostly broadcast on Youtube.


Great quality programs, where a creative style allows a better comprehension of the content.

Finance and Main Partners

Our main partner is Premières Lignes, an independent production company and press agency, managed by Luc Hermann and Paul Moreira, Première Lignes produces in-depth documentaries, investigations (Cash Investigation), international reporting, digital programs (DataGueule, Tous les Internets) and documented fiction.


Democracy is'nt a rendez-vous