ENNA is a membership organisation, bringing together organisations, platforms, and associations that work at a national level to promote the cross-sectoral interests of the not-for-profit/public benefit/civil society sector.

It was created in March 2011
Our members support thousands of local, regional, and national civil society organisations.

They work across different sub-sectors of civil society, on topics that affect all not-for-profit actors regardless of whether they work solely on social issues, environmental issues, socio-cultural activities, or any other topic of societal interest.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Increase civil society organisations’ capacity as infrastructure organisations;
Disseminate and share good practices arising from their work;
Showcase their work on behalf of civil society organisations within countries;
And share a common policy platform on issues affecting the sector at European level.

Main Activities

-Undertaking comparative research and documenting innovation to support the development of policy and practice.
-Having a collective voice across Europe on issues where there is a shared interest, including generic civil society issues such as participation, volunteerism, accountability, not-for-profit law, regulation, equalities, funding and tax policy.
-Acting as an information hub, building awareness, and facilitating dialogue that supports and enables civil society in each country to engage meaningfully with governments and Europe-wide institutions.
-Advocating for open and accountable government that allows civil society to thrive in countries across Europe.
-Strengthening the frameworks that structure the relationship between EU institutions and civil society organizations.


The European Network of National Civil Society Associations (ENNA) brings together 19 national associations, platforms, and umbrella bodies spread across 16 different European countries.

Finance and Main Partners

ENNA is being partner in different EU funded projects: (LADDER, ODYO), is providing research services for Civicus (under the Civic Space Monitor initiative). ENNA is a membership based organization, and our members pay an annual fee.