Fundacja Krzyżowa dla Porozumienia Europejskiego
Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe

Legal form

The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe is a Polish, politically independent, non-profit and public benefit organization. The foundation is committed to peaceful and respectful relations between nations, social groups and individuals, as well as to the development of European civil society.

At the time when so much is said about the crisis of values, and in Europe and around the world we are dealing with social change, we particularly pay attention to civic education and the development of attitudes of civil responsibility and courage.

The headquarters of the Foundation is located in Lower silesia (Poland) on the former estate of the von Moltke family. During the Nazi regime, this was the home base of the Kreisau Circle, which advanced to become the centre of civil resistance against Hitler in Germany.

Main Activities

The Foundation builds bridges between the past and the present, between Western and Eastern Europe, and promotes dialogue between generations. Krzyżowa is a place of active communication, and develop different perspectives for everyone so that they may create a brighter future. We believe that the best way to live in the present and plan for the future lies in taking personal responsibility for political, social and ecologically balanced development of European societies.

As the groups meeting here remember the resistance and opposition movements in Europe, they are encouraged in academic and educational discourse. These achievements can be passed on to next generations, emphasizing the importance of responsible, individual action.

We bring about inter-cultural meetings of people from all walks of life, from every social, national and religious background, and from the different generations. In our work diversity of cultures is a real asset, and the most important part of what is brought to the table here at Krzyżowa. Personal experience, together with respect for differences and an eagerness to learn and share with one another, unites and fosters interest in the European Community.

The Foundation implements its statutory tasks in three departments, all of which are positioned accordingly to their specific aims and purposes:

  • International Youth Meeting Centre
  • Memorial Site
  • European Academy