Future Worlds is engaged in consciously re-designing humanity's futures envisioning a world based on values of freedom, equality and justice, using complexity and systems science and harnessing the positives of the digital era.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Its Mission is to inspire, mobilize, empower and train social entrepreneurs (focusing on young people and women) to become capable of harnessing the power of emerging technologies and the sciences complexity and structured democratic dialogue to accelerate positive social change and materialize the vision of the organization.

Main Activities
  • Raising awareness and conducting research on children using internet
  • Designing and implementing campaigns to promote sustainable development goals.
  • Using Structured Democratic Dialogue to reinvent democracy and design socio-technical fit for sustainable futures.

All operations fall within strictly defined humanistic constitutional and value policies. Relies on horizontal management structures, keeping all information as open data on its Future Worlds pedia, which is editable by all its members.

Finance and Main Partners

Fully independent; all operations and activities are financed through crowdfunding and competitive grants. During the last 8 years more than 16 million euro have been raised to implement 80 projects envisioned and designed by its members.


Future Worlds in an Infographic