European tour of alternative democratic initiatives.

Legal form
Initiative without a legal form

Since June 2017 we are traveling across Europe to meet alternative democratic initiatives. Through the realization of filmed interviews and the writing of detailed articles we wish to contribute to the dissemination of the ideas and the tools that experiment these initiatives to inspire the world network of democratic agitators that is being born.

We will be harvesting ideas across Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and finally Italy.

Everywhere, across the globe, the democratic imaginary is getting renewed. In Europe, the newborn communalism leaves the door open to the possibility of a rightfulness climb from the civil society’s power. Thus, multiple ways to invite the citizen – member of the city-state – outside of the traditional elections can be experienced. According to us, it is therefore on a local scale that we observe the most innovative processes. They weave a network of ways to gain access – or reach – democracy and allow each and everyone to make their voice heard.

Thanks to our specially converted truck, our experiences in social actions and movements, and our knowledge in the fields of civic participation, we will try to understand these initiatives, social movements and these institutional measures that emerge. We hope to bring back inspiring actions that invigorate democracy in order to influence councils, associations and institutions who wish to benefit from these new ways towards their own democracy.

Our journey will seek a balance between urban and rural initiatives aimed at catching a glimpse of the complexity of such democratic networking in the travelled territories. Our journey takes as a symbol a humble caravan, linking yesterday and today between the worlds.

Main Activities

Production of filmed interviews of actors of alternative democratic initiatives.

Writing explanation articles from the topics raised in the interviews.

Dissemination of initiatives encountered on social networks.

Conducting an exhibition on the initiatives encountered and alternative tools / methods of local democracy (2018).


Skills: realization interview, video editing, diffusion, site creation, writing ability, etc.

Knowledge: University studies in political science, law and human geography

Experiences: social movements, climate camps, political parties, participatory arrangements, design office, project manager city of Grenoble

Networks: associations, institutions, activists

Independence (90% self-financing)

Finance and Main Partners

Budget Total: 20’000 €

Self-financing: 18,200 € (Personal contribution & RSA)

Partnership City of Grenoble: 500 €

Partnership Métropole of Grenoble: 1300 €

UCLG partnership:

GIS Partnership:

Be Curious Partnership: