MakeWaves Cyprus is a non-profit company which is actively promoting citizen participation in democratic institutions through the operation of vouliwatch Cyprus a digital platform that promotes transparency in parliament proceedings and enhances knowledge about the workings in Parliament and the European Parliament.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • Active participation in projects, actions and activities which aim at strengthening the democratic institutions and encouraging active political and social participation by citizens;
  • Encouragement of knowledge in relation with the democratic institutions and the role and responsibilities of elected representatives of the citizens and the encouragement of citizens’ participation in policy making processes;
  • Promotion of dialogue about the future of Europe and strengthening the European identity;
  • Promotion of transparency in governance through publishing, re-use and exploitation of public sector information;
Main Activities

Operation of the platform vouliwatch Cyprus, publicity and awareness campaign about the digital tools available that encourage direct citizen participation.


Available digital platform that provides suitable tools for informing and engaging citizens in democracy and politics.

Finance and Main Partners

EU Grants

Parliamentwatch network