Project Ahead is a cooperative founded in 2001, based in Naples.
Project Ahead supports change through social innovation.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Project Ahead aims to support its partners by pursuing goals that, in line with their mission, are seen as essential opportunities for effective economic and social development:

  • Enhancing the potential of young people as an essential element of creativity and innovation for local development, especially in the more disadvantaged areas. Project Ahead support the management of youth structures and services and the initiatives of formal and informal organizations constituted by or focussing on young people;
  • The creation and development of companies, cooperatives and associations that have the potential to create a virtuous circle that contribute to the development of the local system. Project Ahead provides support as regards to the development of business plans, to the search for public and private funding , to managerial advice, to training and to support entrepreneurship in the fields of social innovation and social economy;
  • Internationalisation of local businesses and systems and international cooperation as essential elements to compete in the globalized world. Project Ahead provides support to SME companies that wish to expand their target market internationally – also through local partner searching – and supports international co-operation between public and third sector organizations by encouraging mutual exchange of experiences and best practices with the aim of improving the living conditions in the territories.
Main Activities
  • Project Ahead is associated partner of Dialogue, a Naples-based incubator specialised in social enterprises whose aims is to foster the development of multi-cultural companies, led up by both young migrants and locals. The activities of the incubator are currently supported by the National Department for Youth and are deployed through seminars, workshops, and an incubator programme that merge both the entrepreneurial and the interreligious and multi-cultural dimension.
  • Project Ahead is an Intermediary Organization (IO) for the program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (

17 years experience, 20 projects, 30 000 people involved

Finance and Main Partners