Hello There,

I am a New Start Up located in France, about to launch 2 innovative apps, amond a Serie which is about Pedestrians, EU People Individual Values, Citizen Security as well as Innovative rural centers

Will be glad to join your Group and share, in a very short term what I will be bringing, on WW Basis as fully Innovative APPS, right in Civic Tech, Smart Cities


Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

Main Objectives is to Create Smart Territories for a Sweet living of EU Citizen (as priority, followed by the Rest of the World).

The APPS are very innovative and will raise concern of each individual citizen across the Globe

Main Activities

Civic Tech Application Development and Marketing, that fits perfectly in Smart Cities objectives

Will be lauching the APPS on WW Basis, after 3 months Beta test


Innovation, Patents, International View, EU concerns, ..

Finance and Main Partners

Will be looking for Fundings to expand Development to the remaining 2 additionnal APPS.

Partners will be located in each single Country to address Local concerns