Rights of Nature Europe proposes a whole systems framework of law that recognises the reality of our existence: We are nature - part of the interdependent web of life: when nature thrives, we thrive. Rights of nature shifts the paradigm by reversing the structure of law that treats nature as an object separate to us - which is at the root of the problem - by recognising nature as a rights-bearing subject of the law equal to humans and corporations. Communities - who otherwise don’t have standing - are then empowered to defend these rights in a court of law, protecting our collective right to life. Making nature a subject of the law also brings in a duty of care, obligations towards nature and ecological governance that aligns with how ecosystems actually operate. This is fundamental and systemic transformation in environmental law which is necessary to meet the challenges of our time.

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Registered Charity

Bring about a fundamental restructuring in environmental law so that nature is fully protected through innovative laws that implement the principles of earth jurisprudence (rights of nature, duty of care, ecological governance), putting the existence of humankind within its true context i.e. recognizing that the economy is as sub-system of human society and that human society is a sub-system of the earth – not the other way round.

Ensure that rights of nature laws are adopted by the EU and all of its member states through bringing Citizens’ Initiatives at the European, National, Regional and Local levels.

Bring about the underlying shifts in societal consciousness that re-establish our right relationship with nature – recognizing that we are a part of nature.

Main Activities

– European Citizens Initiative (ECI) for the Rights of Nature, Duty of Care and Ecological Governance (to be launched in 2017)
– National/local initiatives for the rights of nature in countries where there is national/local participatory democracy
– Providing Action Toolkits to empower citizens to bring initiatives
– Lobbying to giving nature the highest protection that the law offers
– Education projects for the general public, lawyers, law students and legal professionals to increase awareness of non-adversarial, problem-solving, restorative, non-anthropocentric, re-conciliatory and healing approaches to law and justice that promote harmony with self, others, the earth and all life for generations to come


Unique position: we are the only NGO in Europe that is advocating fundamental and systemic transformation in the way environmental law operates – with a solid proposal to back it.

Legal innovation, having developed the first EU directive in the world for the rights of nature and various national and local law drafts.

We take a ground up and top down approach with the focus on empowering citizens to take action to bring in new laws.

Finance and Main Partners

Gift Economy – this organisation exists through the generosity of its team members who dedicate their time and expertise because of their love for the earth and humanity.