What do you want to achieve with this project?

Partnered with Dialogue Place, Project Ahead is the only intermediary organization within Campania (Italy) who manages Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

The Erasmus Programme is a cross-border exchange programme within the European Union. It is dedicated to developing entrepreneurship across Europe through collaboration between a New entrepreneur and a Host entrepreneur.

We would like to welcome New entrepreneurs to come to our beautiful region of Campania to develop their skills.

Many advantages 

Indeed, it allows young entrepreneurs to work alongside and shadow experienced entrepreneurs who are working on a project that is similar to their own. This allows young entrepreneurs to acquire new skills and gain knowledge from their mentors about their specific projects. This is a great networking opportunity as well as individuals travel abroad to study with mentors. While individuals will gain international contacts, they will also be introduced to new European markets.

Few conditions

With no age limit and no deadline, you can apply to the programme all year round. The exchange can be between 1 to 6 months through the support of grants and funding though the European Commission. Within Italy you can receive up to €900 per month during your stay. The flights and insurance are included.

Do you need help to put your idea into practice?

We would like for members of this network to share and participate in our program. We truly believe that it is an enriching and engaging human experience. It is a concrete opportunity to live a European experience sharing the EU values of community and diversity that are so dear to us on this platform.

What are the details of the project?

Project Ahead has a contact base of 25 Hosts ranging in many fields (education, consultancy, social entrepreneurship, food, agriculture…) allowing everyone to find their match. In addition, we can offer a personalised research of new organisations to suit your needs as best as possible.

See here 2 success stories. (

So easy to apply ! New entrepreneur will need to:

  • Answer questions regarding what they are looking for in a Host Entrepreneur, how this programme is beneficial to the individual, and information about their business or business idea (within 2000 words)
  • Prepare a CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Prepare a business plan

You don’t speak Italian: NO problem. Our hosts will gladly speak English.

Topics the proposal focuses on
  • Citizen Participation
  • Collaboration
  • Employment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Trade