What do you want to achieve with this project?

Three years of existence, 71 episodes, 376 minutes of videos filled with numbers, sketches and a few jokes, but also 300 000 subscribers on Youtube, 90 000 on Facebook, hundreds of comments following each new episode, and thrilling debates about the crazy mechanisms making this world go round.

Welcome to Datagueule’s world. Let us introduce you our new project 😉

Through years and political campaigns, we became used to reducing democracy to some electoral calendar. Like it is only about a ballot in a box. Besides those overly covered deadlines, the democratic concern seems to disappear. It’s softened in our overwhelmed newspapers: elected representatives seem to no longer be held accountable by the people who elected them, and the stakes are slowly shading off. Thus, shall we only be citizens in the voting booth? Well…
As a logical consequence, with democracy failing to really move forward, our society is on the verge of a heart attack. Matters of short-term are the only ones taken care of by politicians, just so they can survive to the next election. The environment issue, for instance, a topic doomed to follow a few generations of voters? Useless. Let’s be real: issues brought up by politics must be profitable in terms of voices for the next ballot. Nice mechanics.

But if we look closer, democracy isn’t just a calendar, nor a stack of institutions, which we, citizens, keep in touch with. For good, democracy isn’t a rendezvous : it’s way more.

It’s a choice of society, a governance model, where each and every citizen should be able to follow our representative’s work, where every day we should be able to fin some time to think the society we live in, together. Democracy is a set of values: equality to access the public speech, respecting the needs of the citizens who form society, transparency regarding the decision-making process. And you know what? Tools exist to make that democracy real.

This is why this topic is dear to us. Because it is a central theme of our lives, of what’s connecting us. Because the democratic crisis we’re going through does not come from nowhere, nor is it the end of everything. With our documentary project, we want to try to understand, with you, how we came to this, and imagine how we could do differently.

What are the details of the project?

This campaign isn’t just about money. Without this budget, we wouldn’t be able to do the film, of course, but the bond we want to create with you through this process goes way beyond.  It’s just the beginning of a much bigger adventure, it’s the first brick in the making of this documentary, and we want it to be associated to as many citizens as possible. On such a subject – democracy – how could we have imagined the project otherwise?

Choosing crowd funding is saying we’re opening our hood to share more directly with you all the questions around this theme. And who knows, maybe if this is a success, we could do the project all over again, focusing on other important topics ? We already have a few ideas in mind 😉

Historically, Datagueule is financed by France Télévisions Nouvelles Écritures: its two diffusion channels are the “IRL” platform and Youtube. We financed “2 degrés avant la fin du monde”, our first long program, thanks to France 4, as the TV channel had agreed to broadcast the film, which led to more financing for the project.

Topics the proposal focuses on
  • Citizen Participation
  • Crowdfunding campaign
  • democracy
  • Good governance