What do you want to achieve with this project?

This event responds to the growing concern about ‘post truth society’ and the belief among some commentators that the public wants soundbites rather than evidence-based policy.

This commentary around ‘post-truth’, and the lack of citizen engagement in EU policy,  risks creating a caricature that the public doesn’t care about evidence or the soundness of policy.

Our delegation from the 28 countries says something different: EU citizens have many stories about why evidence matters.

They demand increased transparency and accountability for evidence in European policymaking.

Do you need help to put your idea into practice?

This event would be a good opportunity for organisations to show their commitment to evidence-based policy and to raise their public profile; for our part we would really appreciate some help. It doesn’t need huge funding but we do need to do the right thing by all these people for whom coming to Brussels is a significant step. We need support to meet some of the costs below:



Film production & photography


A printed compilation of citizens’ stories at the event and sent to every MEP, including some that there won’t be time for on the day and comments from supportive organizations


Travel and accommodation costs for speakers


Simultaneous translations at the event


In return, we’ll involve you fully, as much as you wish. We can include your logo online, in press and in the printed compilation. Host MEPs will invite your representatives to the event (we are expecting a high attendance of MEPs – many of the citizens are already writing to theirs to ensure they will attend). Your involvement will be included in the film and report of the event, and publicized to hundreds of organizations in EU member states who will use the film to encourage other citizens to engage in European decision making in the year ahead.

Above all, you will have an opportunity to join citizens and to talk to them about their interests in how evidence can improve European policy.

What are the details of the project?

We’ve been assembling stories about why EU citizens care about evidence after a similar citizens’ presentation in the UK. (Here’s some information and a video about that event: So, around 100 people will visit the EU Parliament at lunchtime on 21st June, hosted by a cross-party group of MEPs; 15-20 will each give a one-minute presentation. They include a social housing officer from Estonia, a farmer from the Netherlands, a surfer from Bulgaria, and a community worker from Germany.
Collectively the citizens will tell EU policymakers that:

  • We expect the Commission to use evidence when making policy.
  • We expect commissioners to explain their reasoning.
  • We expect Parliament to seek and to scrutinise reasoning behind policies.

We are inviting MEPs and the Commission to respond. We also plan to organise a follow-up campaign, in which a citizens committee will review ‘the best and worst’ of how MEPs are doing a year later.

Topics the proposal focuses on
  • Citizen Participation