What do you want to achieve with this project?

Agent Green, EuroNatur, scientists and Romanian mountaineers call on the Romanian Government to immediately establish a logging moratorium for all potential primary forests, in particular on state property and in national parks.

Despite the strong civil society anti corruption protests which have been evolving in Romania since several weeks there has been a lobby initiative by forest owners and forest industry in the Romanian parliament recently to decriminalise – among others – logging of primary forests. Agent Green, EuroNatur and the forest protectors urge both the Romanian Government and the political parties in the Parliament to halt that disastrous law, which would accelerate forest destruction and add to the reputation damage of the Romanian State. Instead of widening the road for illegal forest destruction the fines should be increased drastically.

What are the details of the project?

The campaign ‚ÄúSaveParadiseForests‚ÄĚ aims to protect the most valuable old-growth forests of the Carpathian Mountains, particularly in Romania. It is jointly coordinated and carried out by EuroNatur and Agent Green. Read more at

Topics the proposal focuses on
  • Environment