What is Citizens for Europe?

A platform to identify and exchange experiences with hundreds of organisations and initiatives throughout Europe.

A team of committed experts who develop the platform, connect you with the community and are available to help you overcome your organisation’s challenges.

A community of engaged European citizens from NGOs, foundations, media, public authorities, willing to expand their networks, share resources and exchange good (and bad) practices.

The Platform

The platform is co-developed by and according to the needs of its community of members. Citizens for Europe is a value-driven project and we strongly believe in:

  • Cooperation as a way to overcome competition
  • Collective intelligence & co-creation
  • More democracy & participation
  • Horizontality & participatory processes

Through the platform, big and small civil society actors engage with each other on eye-to-eye level, taking their challenges beyond borders to make them European issues.

The Core Team

Citizens For Europe was initiated in 2010 by a small team of experts from several civil society organizations. The Core Team is here to help you connect with your peers all over Europe. It also develops tools and resources to help members grow and get visibility within the community. The Core Team provides you with:

  • Tailored-made informative newsletters and community updates
  • Exclusive databases and information (including funding opportunities)
  • Communications support through social media
  • Occasional ad-hoc financial support
  • Professional trainings
  • Community projects

Esther Durin
IHECS (Institut des Hautes Études des Communications Sociales)

Teacher and European projects coordinator within a journalism school (IHECS). Esther is involved in several collaborative projects on media pluralism and on social and citizen-oriented journalism. She also coordinates training programmes in European non-profit communication and advocacy for IHECS further education centre (IHECS Academy)


Christian Miess
Network Coordinator, Citizens For Europe

As a Network Coordinator, Christian is committed to a diverse European civil society with equal access to political participation. He engages in projects and campaigns on civic participation, voting rights, and EU-citizenship on local and European level. Hence, he works as a consultant for foundations, associations, and grassroots organizations.

To achieve trustful and long term cooperation between partners on translocal level, Christian puts a focus on the development of effective communication and exchange processes between civil society organizations. Connecting initiatives and projects across Europe to achieve transparency and oversight are the central prerequisites for his work to facilitate access to civic participation for all.



Laetitia Veriter
Projects Director, Citizens for Europe

Based in Paris (but often in Brussels), Laetitia has been working with civil society networks for the past ten years on projects related to citizen participation, democracy and the future of Europe.

Within Citizens For Europe, she is particularly involved in communications and the strategic development of the project. Laetitia is always happy to meet member/new organisations and discover new initiatives. So, if you happen to have interesting projects, she will gladly meet you to speak about the platform and potential collaboration!



Inga Wachsmann
Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer

Programme officer with Charles Léopold Mayer foundation. Among other programmes, she is in charge of the foundations’ programme striving for a democratic and participatory Europe. She is based in Paris when not travelling around to meet, network and co-work with the foundations’ partners.


Martin Wilhelm
Citizens For Europe gUG

Martin is Director of Citizens For Europe gUG Berlin since 2010. Prior to this he worked across Europe for public and private institutions, such as the Goethe Institute, ARTE Television, European Movement or German Development Agency. He completed his studies in political and social science in Örbro (SE), Greifswald (DE) and Belgrade. 
He focuses his professional and social engagement on the areas of European citizenship, participatory democracy, diversity and collective intelligence.


Want to help?

Are you a grant maker looking to support interesting projects? Citizens for Europe can give you access to many initiatives – allowing you the flexibility to decide how, and to what purpose, your money will be assigned to. Please contact Christian Miess, for more information about how you can step in.