In these turbulent times we at CitizensLab e.V feel the urgency more than ever to create the conditions for us citizens to self-organise and co-create situated solutions to the issues that affect us.

To enquire how we can collectively care for the governance of our lives, we invite you to join us on a seasonal Learning Journey on the topic ‘Cultivating ourselves to co-create commons of democracy’.

We invite practitioners, community organisers, artists, activists, cultural managers, urban planners, researchers, and everyone that is part of a collective actively seeking and acting for a societal and systemic transformation.

Together, we journey through the four seasons, exploring the themes of *living systems, healthy power relations, decolonising ourselves and democracy as a commons. *

Each season gifts us with inspiring impulses from wisdom holders which we process through embodied practices, music, art and ritual and integrate as a community of practice.

We recommend signing up for the whole journey to form a cohort learning and practicing together.

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