Dismantling colonised thinking 

 How can we come into relationship with our trauma, integrate ourselves and transform into freedom?

We will explore how we can dismantle our own cultural history and challenge colonial mindsets in order to decolonise ourselves.  Together we will seek to come into healthy relationship with our collective and individual traumas, by embracing our grief, liberating ourselves from oppressive structures and transforming towards collective freedom.  We will use this season’s fallowness to go into the dark to ‘sit’ with what is neglected and integrate it into wholeness.



  • Landing: Monday January 17th, , 5-7pm CET
  • Deepening: Wednesday January 19th , 5-7pm CET
  • Integrating: Monday January 24th, 5-7pm CET
  • Practicing: Friday January 28th, 3.30pm- 5pm CET


We are living in radically changing times. We stand in this turbulence, often wondering where to turn. Some of us put our attention into illuminating what is not working or envisioning something new. Others of us work to change ‘the system’, believing that if those in power change, their decisions would shift us to the better. Yet, there are those of us who feel we are doomed and believe this is a natural flow and that we can only make a difference if we put our efforts locally, on a small scale.

We, at the CitizensLab, have also been standing in these times, wondering, searching and asking ourselves what is ours to do. We looked within, we took our time and we realised that we hold a longer-term goal. We want to work towards seeing ourselves, individually and collectively, and all people of wider Europe, being core and part of collectively caring for the governance of our lives. We call this Democracy as Commons.

As we have come to know that we carry this goal, our first action and offer, is to create a learning journey. A space where we can firstly cultivate ourselves, our own personal transformation so we can co-create the commons of democracy that lead to radical changes of governance.