Framing tools based on the European Movement’s ‘Listen to Europe’ polling and research

Speakers: Matthew MacWilliams, Petros Fassoulas

This webinar, in cooperation with the European Movement International, will look at European’s attitudes towards democracy and authoritarianism and will offer you strategies on how to equip your campaigns, shape your communications and test your narratives.

Earlier this year, the European Movement International, together with a group of researchers led by Matthew MacWilliams and with the support of the Open Society Initiative for Europe conducted a poll, fielded by YouGov, on the drivers of behaviours and attitudes of citizens in 13 European Union member states towards democracy and authoritarianism.
The results of the poll, disseminated across Europe, now provide useful campaigning tools and outreach strategies that can be tailored towards the different Member States but also a wider European audience.

During this webinar, we will share these findings of the research with you, present message frames that can be derived from the polling and discuss ways for you to work on your audience building, communications and campaigns.’


15.00-15.15: Introduction by Petros Fassoulas, European Movement International

15.15-15.45: Sharing of the polling results by Matthew MacWilliams

15.45-16.30: Discussing techniques for audience building, communications and campaigns

Petros Fassoulas is the Secretary General of the European Movement International

Matthew MacWilliams is a scholar of American politics and political culture, focusing on authoritarianism, campaigns, public opinion, political psychology, legacy and social media, election forecasting, the politics of climate change and health care reform, and interest group lobbying of the judiciary. He advises candidates, initiatives, unions, causes, foundations, and progressive organisations in the United States.

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