An international convention where NGOs, academics and public officers  share best practices and use story-telling to promote the right of access to public information (freedom of information – FoI).

Workshops have taken place in 5 countries (Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Belgium) to increase the level of understanding of young people regarding public access to information. These countries contributed to draft the state of the art, and proposals for the Code of good practice.


Wednesday 6 november 2019

14:00  Welcome

14:15  Introduction speach (MEP + Jean-Paul Pinon)

14:30  Importance of FoI for good governance

15:00  Overview of the legal situation concerning FoI in EU/World (PTE)

15:30  Experience in Poland (Magda Leszczyna-Rzucidlo)

15:45  Break

16:05  Experience in Estonia (Consortium)

16:20  Experience in Spain (J.M Cavanna)

16:40  Roundtable 1 : Citizens’ control on public action

17:45  End

Thursday 7 november 2019

09:00  Welcome

09:15  Introduction speach

09:30  Transparency tools for democracy (Open State Foundation)

10:00  Code of good practice (PTE)

10:30  Experience in Belgium (Claude Archer)

10:45  Experience in USA

11:00  Break

11:20  Protection of whistleblowers (Transparency International)

11:35  Experience in Finland (Eila Heikkila)

11:50  Roundtable 2 : Priority actions to promote the FoI

12:45  Conclusion

13:00  End

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FoI is a condition for civil society to evaluate the quality of public action. A lot of work is still needed to make this new right more effective and popular.

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