Join this interactive, storytelling workshop as part of National Co-Production Week 2020 and be a part of the #COVIDConversation.

Within the on-going COVID-19 crisis there is a danger that the most marginalised communities across Europe are left out of this conversation. It is important to us, that people who are under-resourced and who often occupy the positions of least power are involved in this dialogue. This is why we launched the #COVIDConversations project that uses Community Reporting techniques to gather stories about the crisis from voices that may go unheard.


As part of National Co-Production Week 2020, we are running this online, interactive workshop to share with you our experiences during the #COVIDConversations project, covering topics such as:

  • Collaborations that led to this project
  • Techniques for delivering storytelling activities online
  • Initial learnings from the stories

As part of the session, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a bit of digital storytelling and share your experiences of the pandemic with others. Your story will contribute to the growing lived experience archive we are creating.

More Information

The workshop is open to anyone and instructions of how to attend this online event will be sent out to attendees upon registration and via email. All you will need is a laptop/tablet/smartphone with an Internet connection to take part. Places are limited so please only book if you 100% intend to join.

Register here: