#MEGA – Civil Society Conference on the Future of Europe

Rotes Rathaus, Rathausstraße, Berlin, Allemagne

21 March at 2:30 pm — 22 March at 4:30 pm


In March 2019, prior to the European Elections, the Berlin Conference shall bring together outstanding voices of civil society on the future development of Europe, such as the basic understanding of European values and democratic procedures, the future of civil dialogue in Europe, the role of social citizenship-rights in the context of growing social inequality and the questioned importance of human rights. The aim is to present an all-European anthology of civil society visions and concrete approaches for the future of the European project.

In order to path the way to a real Europe of Citizens, key questions of the conference will be:

  • What are the key issues and concerns of civil society in relation to the European reform agenda? What might be different issues and concerns from the national perspectives? What can be identified as common ground on European level?
  • What role can/should civil society play to take influence in the political decision making processes and feed in its ideas? How can a permanent dialogue with government and administration be established?
  • What should be done in order to achieve a stronger Europeanization of civil society in order to have a common impact on the EU’s reforms?

The final programme will be available soon.

More Information

Organiser: Bundesnetzewerk Bürgerschatfliches Engagement (B.B.E) in cooperation with the European Civic Forum.