[Online Seminar] Local democracy & European citizenship

27 April at 9:00 am — 29 April at 4:00 pm


How to build a European grassroots democracy?

Is the European Union irremediably riddled with the distrust of citizens and the rise of Euroscepticism? Although quite common, this dire depiction is neither accurate nor a fatality. And what if a reinvigoration of the European project could come from the local level?

This seminar aims to discuss and brainstorm around this intuition that underlies the very purpose of the European College of Cluny.

Content of the Training Seminar:

• Lectures and discussion with researchers specialised in political science and the EU affairs
• Brainstorming workshops and discussions with practitioners focused on concrete projects, the exchange of good practices, etc..

Learning Objectives:

• Consolidating and enriching participants’ knowledge of the latest developments of the EU
• Enhancing their understanding of the political dimension of the European integration process, with an emphasis on issues related to the EU-citizens relationship, i.e. the question of Democracy and Legitimacy within the EU
• Reflecting on the ways in which local authorities can contribute to the development of a“European grassroots democracy” and a genuine European citizenship
• Enlarging participants’ network on the European scale

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Cluny Training Seminar: Local democracy & European citizenship