Join our free-access The Good Lobby Workshop on lobbying and advocacy!

What if civil society organisations, representing the public interest, had access to the same techniques, expertise and resources as the world’s leading corporations? What if the private sector and NGOs could – at times – team up in pursuit of the public interest? And, finally, what is the advocacy tool-box empowering citizens and NGOs to lobby for change?


With this workshop, The Good Lobby provides participants with an insight into the skill-set relied upon by experienced professionals in communicating and engaging with corporations, governments and public Institutions at local, national and EU level.

More details on the program coming soon!


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The Good Lobby in 3 minutes.

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The European Parliament supports this event as part of the This Time I’m Voting Campaign.

Do you know what is the most democratic (and simple) tool to lobby for change? VOTING! We want the voice of every single European to be heard in the elections in May. Sign up and get your friends voting to on

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