The European Association of Teachers was founded in Paris in 1956
It is an organisation promoting understanding of EU issues amongst educators in all member states
It aims to widen the teachers knowledge of European issues and to show them the means and methods which can rapidly lead to the creation of a European Union.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– In the field of Education deepen the knowledge of all the mechanisms of European integration, in the political, economic, social and cultural fields, to create common European behaviors.
– to work through appropriate means to promote awareness on the foundations and the common points of the European culture whose influence will teach adults and young people to live together in a democratic and multicultural society.
– Develop those goals for all partners in education and in all environments where their activities may be carried out to spread the notion of a real European citizenship, responsible and aware of its rights and duties.
– find ways and methods likely to support any worthwhile initiative in these directions respecting the unity in diversity

Main Activities

– Organisation of study circles and discussions
– Use of all means of communication and dissemination of information
– Organization of meetings and contacts
– Promoting the use of languages


– large European network of more than 25,000 teachers, heads, inspectors and officials in 18 national sections from nursery school to university
– common reflection on the place of education in the European integration