ARC is an open space for the European citizens or organisations who wish to share their visions and expectations concerning the future of farming and rural regions in Europe.
The process is designed to be impartial, open, pluralist, transparent.

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

– Reach a strong common message through open and transparent debate within civil society.
– Deliver this message to the decision-makers.
– Influence the shape of EU policies from 2014 onwards.

Main Activities

– Online Forum to collect, preserve and promote proposals on CAP.
– Promotion of the proposals collected on the forum to the media and European policy makers.
– Organisation of ARC conferences

Finance and Main Partners

The ARC2020 is a common initiative of a European think tank working on agriculture policies called Groupe de Bruges, a European network of local projects in sustainable rural development called Forum Synergies, and the European School for Journalists called IHECS. The ARC is supported by the Foundation Charles Leopold Mayer Fondation pour le progress de l’homme, the OAK Foundation and the MAVA Foundation.