Asko Europa is a german foundation with a legal personality under civil law. It is a non-profit organisation that is not affiliated to any political party or religious organisation. Asko Europa was founded in 1990 by Asko Deutsche Kaufhaus AG and Asko Vereinigung e. V. The Foundation is located in the « Saar-Lor-Lux Region », near the European decision-making centers of Strasbourg and Brussels.

Legal form
  • Promote sciences, research and education in Europe.
  • Develop the awareness and the understanding that there is no alternative to a united Europe.
  • Mobilize civil society while focusing on the current and future great challenges in Europe and in the world.
Main Activities
  • Contribute to a better understanding of Europe through the implementation of research projects.
  • Foster discussion about Europe by organising dialogue and discussion forums.
  • Help to inform and educate people on Europe and future European issues through its European and international educational programs.
  • Mobilise civil societies for the challenges in Europe using its broadly structured information and educational campaigns and its easy-to-read and understand publications.
Finance and Main Partners

ASKO EUROPA-STIFTUNG was founded and endowed with its capital in 1990 by the ASKO Deutsche Kaufhaus AG and ASKO Vereinigung eV (both located in Sarrebruck).