ACTAC works towards strengthening its expertise and public status in the society and become a desired model of organization, which will be a tool for changes in the society in order to achieve our mission.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

The mission of ACTAC is directed towards installing the European standards into society, as a way of democracy implementing. We are working in the fields of public education for democracy, rule of law and human rights, Democracy and governmental reforms monitoring, accession of Macedonia in EU, promoting EU opportunities for civil engagement and volunteering, organizing public events and debates, press conferences and TV shows, working and educating the youths, especially in the rural and disadvantaged municipalities, as well as increasing youth self-assessment, self-realization, employment, youth participation, and their involvement in the decision making processes and eliminating the gender disparities.

Main Activities

Organizing national and international workshops, press conferences, Debates on national TV concessionaire, TV appearances. Educating youngsters mainly in the modern technologies methods such as Community reporting, Peer learning, Storytelling and ITC. We also train our volunteers to be able to shoot and edit videos, write scenarios and produce short movies.

  • Positive selection when selecting new cadres in the office
  • Dedicated and professional training to the new members in the office
  • Highly educated cadre
  • Professionals in different sectors
  • ITC experts
  • Writing great projects
  • Socially engaged organization
  • Writing, filming, editing scenarios and videos
  • Highly experienced organization
  • Team of consultants and opinion leaders
  • The president has a public status and he is a columnist on the most visited e-media in our country
Finance and Main Partners

INTRAS – Spain
Youth Cultural Center  – Bitola
Community development institute – Tetovo
ADI – Gostivar