« Balkan Assist » is a Bulgarian non-for-profit association established in 2000. It unites individuals and organizations working for the development of the civil society. The projects of the Association aim mainly direct citizen participation in decision making at local, regional and central level

Legal form
Non-profit organization

To stimulate and support direct citizen participation at local and central level by implementing initiatives and projects in partnership with community groups, organizations and institutions.

Main Activities
  • Organization and moderation of public processes and events, workshops, round tables, discussion forums, public discussions, etc.
  • Study, development and application of innovative practices for direct citizen participation
  • Project management and implementation;
  • Projects monitoring and support;
  • Coaching – Balkan Assist offers coaching for project managers and coordinators;
  • Training, consultations, expert assistance;
  • Mediation and exchange of experience;
  • Supporting the partners in preparation and conduct of information campaigns and media events.
  • assistance to NGOs and citizens in project management and
  • trainings and support to improve local participation
Finance and Main Partners
  • membership fees,
  • aids,
  • donations,
  • subsidies,
  • legacies;