CARITAS VIENNA operates in the city of Vienna and Lower Austria. Its departments undertake various forms of social work in response to disadvantaged people's needs. CARITAS VIENNA counsels, accompanies and supports members of our society who are currently finding themselves in a challenging situation, who are suffering from illness or the consequences of an unfortunate incident or a catastrophe. CARITAS VIENNA assists regardless of the social, national or religious background of the people in need. CARITAS VIENNA runs various departments focusing on different social challenges. One department is the so-called DEPARTMENT FOR COMMUNITY WORK focusing on prevention and ongoing support for people at social risk. The various projects of this department accompany housing units, foster neighbourhood helping networks, support volunteering and tackle social exclusion through community arts.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
Main Activities

Caritas Vienna is mainly active in the field of social work. It has around 5000 employees and 12000 volunteers, broad experience in managing EU grants and organising public events, cultural projects, awareness raising & media campaigns on migration related topics, social inclusion, human dignity, fighting inequalities i.a.