CEACSO is a non-profit organisation committed to the empowerment of civil society organisations in Europe.

Our mission is to contribute to the performance and impact of the civil society organisations by strengthening their capacities and reinforcing their knowledge.

Conscious of the problems faced by small and medium organisations, CEACSO was founded in 2014 in order to facilitate their access to critical resources and strategic support.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Our objective is to support the work of civil society organisations by improving their efficiency, sustainability and collaboration in order to maximise their performance and impact. We achieve our objectives by organising capacity building activities, providing advice and support, and promoting collaboration among organisations.

Main Activities

Advice, Support, Train, Connect

  • Capacity building activities and webinars
  • Advice and support on organisational development, fund development and access to EU funding.
  • Coaching and mentoring

We work with a team of independent collaborators with extensive experience in the non for profit sector, who contribute to our mission from their areas of specialization.

Finance and Main Partners

Membership fees, Fees, Voluntary work, Projects.