When a group of students of Faculty of Sciences in Banja Luka initiated the organization of Young Researchers of Banja Luka, they could not even guess what kind of activities will now have an association. In the beginning, we wanted to primarily deal with scientific research, and that environmental protection is a result of research that we conducted. However, very soon we realized that for scientific research we will not have the support of professors from the university. At the same time we discovered that if we want to take environmental issues on the higher level, we need to change our main activities. Today, the Centre for Environment is recognized as an organization that in an argumentative and active way attempts to influence relevant public policies, raises public awareness on environmental issues, and to pursue constructive cooperation with other organizations, networks, institutions and international organizations. Taking into account the multidisciplinary nature of the field of environment and sustainable development, we have activities in other areas as well, such as water, waste, agriculture, food, international financial institutions and others.


The objectives of the Organization are: Raising public awareness about the environment; Protecting and enhancing the environment; Promoting and advocating the principles of sustainable development; Popularization of volunteer work; Advocating greater public participation in decision making about the environment.

Main Activities

The main activities that we are working on are energy and climate change, transport, biodiversity and protected areas, urban planning and public participation.


Recognised as the strongest and the most active environmental organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the most active in the region of Western Balkans. Associate member of Friends of the Earth International.