The Centre for Studies on Federalism is a scientific institution that carries out activities of interdisciplinary research, documentation, information

The themes treated are:

-domestic and supra-national federalism
-developments in the area of regional and continental integration – first and foremost the European Union
-problems related to the world order and to the process of democratisation of the international system.

Legal form
Research center – Think Tank

– Create the tools needed to comprehend the historically significant transformations that contemporary democracies are undergoing at the beginning of the twenty-first century
– Investigating the problems, examining historical evolution, evaluating successful experiments and failed attempts, identifying possible evolutions and adaptations to historical development and concrete examples

Main Activities

– scientific research
– information and documentation, publication of studies and researches
– organisation of conferences and seminars
– organisation of trainings


– Centre of studies on the challenges of federalism at the European level (and not only)
– Common reflection on the institution future of the EU and on the different possibilities for reform