The Association Centro InterculturaCidades (ACI) was created in 2004 in Lisbon within the framework of a project co-funded by the European Social Fund and the Community Initiative EQUAL
It is a non profit association promoting cultural actions and local development
It particularly works with immigrant communities in Portugal and with the most underprivileged sectors of those communities

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– Fight against racism and xenophobia
– Promotion of cultural diversity of immigrant communities
– support immigrants socio-professional careers as well as the promotion of their cultures and backgrounds, in order to revitalize inter-cultural practices as mechanisms of social integration.
– Promote economic and social insertion, the empowerment, the entrepreneurship, and the development of local sociability

Main Activities

ACI implement activities at local, national and international level in the following areas:
– Research
– Informal education
– Further professional education in the fields of animation, socio-cultural information and inter-cultural citizenship