The circle of the Europeans, established in 2004, aims to promote statutory meetings and debates on Europe as a continent that has brought large market and civilization.
It brings together business leaders joined by personalities from the political, social and academic sectors.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

The primary purpose of the Circle is thus to be present in the debate on Europe which even if is not at the forefront of the news is a watermark of all matters of importance to the French Society.

Main Activities

– The Circle is a place for exchange and dialogue. It organizes for its members thematic meetings in partnership with the weekly L’Express, around the personalities of the European and world scenes who share their own experience and discuss freely about their background and their ideas, as well as their activities in Europe.
– The Circle pilot studies corresponding to the major European issues of the moment.
– The circle of the Europeans is involved in « HEC Europe’s Symposium » organized each year by the Institute of Europe of HEC around a committee of wise men gathered to identify the European priorities of the moment.


Some of the most important French entreprises are members of the association.

Some interesting media partnerships, specially the one with L’Express, through the Noëlle Lenoir blog (former French Minister to the European Affairs).