The Resource Centre for Public Participation (CeRe) was set up in 2006, based on the belief that public decisions must be taken in a participatory way. CeRe acts with citizens, organisations and communities, to build a just and equitable world, where people stand together, and play an active role in decision making. We have a solid expertise in advocacy and policy making, community organizing, coalition building, facilitation and community engagement.

Legal form

Together with citizens, organizations and communities, we build day by day a just and equitable world, where people stand together and their voices are central to the decision-making processes.

Main Activities
  • The Advocacy Assistance and Community Organizing Program – We believe that citizens and organizations need to make their voice heard when they have something to say regarding public decisions that concern us.
  • Exchange Programs – on community organizing with an U.S. partner and on resilience of social movements with a Spanish partner.
  • The Public Participation Awards Gala – the stage where we annually reward courageous citizens who are stubborn enough to push the public administration until they resolve things that are not going well.
  • “NGOs for the citizen” Group – We decided to get together and oppose the constriction of the participation space for organizations and activists.
  • Don’t wait for superheroes – a campaign for accountability and transparency of the Capital’s public administration

CeRe spearheaded community organizing in Romania more than 10 years ago. Since then we have worked with over 165 civic groups or organizations, providing assistance on their campaigns.

Finance and Main Partners

CeRe has an annual budget of approximately EUR250,000. Most of the budget is granted project-based by institutional donors, such as: Civitates, Open Society Foundation, The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation or Civil Society Development Foundation. A small portion of our budget is supported by individual donors or companies.