Civic Initiatives, Citizens’ Association for Democracy and Civic Education has been founded in May 1996.

It was created by a group of prominent NGO activists that were involved in the anti-war movement and non-nationalist democratic opposition since 1990.

CI strategy is that only by breaking down regional, national, ethnic, religious, gender and social barriers it is possible to build a stronger, more effective, and potentially more sustainable NGO community and thus to contribute to the development of the society in general.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

– To strengthen civil society through education, promotion of democracy and support of active citizenship.
– To sustain democratic changes

Main Activities

– Organisation of conferences and seminars
– Organisation of study and exchange trips
– Organisation of trainings and active citizenship
– Organisation of campaigns
– Publication of studies and manuals


– Work with youth and students – organisation of exchange programmes and summer camps in the region
– Educational approach aiming to break down stereotypes and inform citizens about their rights