CIVICA was founded in 2014 by civic activists in Iași, Romania, in order to improve citizens’ participation in decisions that affect the entire community and to determine the public authorities and elected officials to become more accountable and improve their way of working and engaging various stakeholders.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Our main objectives are to:

  • improve the accountability of elected officials
  • improve the transparency of publicly-funded institutions (open budgets)
  • motivate and convince more citizens to take part in the decision making at local, national and EU level
  • bring a positive contribution to major challenges we confront in Romania and the EU (sustainable mobility, pollution and education)
Main Activities

Since 2014  we have implemented over 12 projects in areas such as

  • civic participation (involving citizens in identifying community-wide issues and coming up with collaborative solutions)
  • good governance (tracking local council meetings and decisions)
  • urban mobility (building a coalition of local NGOs and pressing for more accessible sideways for pedestrians, cycling routes and clean public transportation)
  • civic education for high school students in Iași, Romania.

We have expertise on civic participation and good governance issues, working with local authorities and running advocacy campaigns on topics such as urban mobility, clean public transportation, civic education.

Finance and Main Partners

CIVICA is funded transparently through grants from national and international donors, individual donations of members and corporate sponsorship.

Our main partners are Open Society Foundation, World Bank Romania, Geeks for Democracy, Iasi Community Foundation, ECON.