The National Coordination of Action for Peace and Democracy (CNAPD) is a pluralistic coordination of youth organisations and educational progressive movements, active in the Belgian French community since 1970.
The CNCD promotes a progressive vision of development, and puts its actions and efforts at the service of the promotion of democracy through an active and responsible citizenship while striving for international peace and justice.
CNAPD is part of different networks and platforms.

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

– To raise public awareness
– To mobilize the public opinion against war and all reasons of conflicts,
– To promote international solidarity and democracy against exclusion and inequalities

Main Activities

CNAPD initiates or participates to pacifist demonstrations and other mobilizing and militant actions as freeze for peace, sit-in, rassemblements, etc.
Organisation of different “axareness raising” actions as: trainings, citizens cafés, conferences, thematic lunches, citizens teas and debates on relevant issues.


Its work with youth organisations and networks promoting responsible citizenship in universities and through education