The National Youth Council of Catalonia (Consell Nacional de la Joventut de Catalunya) is a platform made up of 95 national youth associations and local councils of the youth.
In particular, the National Youth Council of Catalonia is a public institution born in 1979 which enjoys its own legal status.
Its main goal is to promote the youngster’s interests and needs in front of the public administration, and more broadly, in the Spanish and European policy spheres.
More than 175,000 Catalan youngsters participate in the organisations which in turn are members of the Council.
These are, among others, educative associations; students’ and workers’ unions; cultural, exchange and/or social associations; political youth organisations and local councils of the youth. The National Youth Council of Catalonia is a full rights member of the European Youth Forum since 1985.

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

The National Youth Council of Catalonia is an independent, plural and democratic organisation. Its main goals are the following:

1. Promotes associacionism and democratic participation among the youth,

2. Promotes partnerships and coordination among the Catalan youth organisations and also with Euro-Mediterranean youth associations,

3. Establishes a channel of communication between the youngsters and public administrations and promotes the interests of the former in front of the later,

5. Stands up for the rights of the young people,

5. Fosters reports and studies about the youth and/or related subjects,

6. Disseminates and spreads internationally the activities undertaken by Catalan associations and the Council itself.

Main Activities

The National Youth Council of Catalonia has the following spaces of participation and decision making:

General Assembly
Executive Committee
Meeting of organization fields
Work groups
Youth Agoras

And the New Advocacy Issues of the 2012-2013 period are 1) Democracy and participation and 2) Public space.

And talks with the administration will be held concerning the following issues: – Youth policies – Formal Education – Non Formal Education – Work – Housing – Youth associativism and participation – Health – Citizenship and Migration – Gender – Public Space – International – Cooperation, human rights and peace promotion

Other long term goals of the Council are: – Territorial Action Plan – Growing of CNJC’s representation – Pool of trainers – Gender course to youth organization – Euromed youth platform project – 1% Cooperation prize – Youth Triangle – Research – Communication


– It is the most important network bringing together the main youth organisations of Catalonia.
– It counts with more than 175,000 associates. Although it is a public institution, it holds political goals independent of that from the public administration thanks to its own legal status.
– It brings together a plurality of associations, with cultural, social, educative and political focus.