CODACONS is a non profit organization involving associations working for consumers rights protection. It is one of the most important and representative consumers association in Italy. The goal of the association is the protection of consumer rights and interests with all the legal instruments against public or private subjects. Anyone can submit to CODACONS requests for intervention in relation to matters of widespread interest. Several campaigns have been undertaken by CODACONS also in defense of the rights of the individual as a consumer.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

Codaction’s mission is to bring together consumer organizations of the European Union in order to promote, defend and represent the interests of European consumers. With a European network of attorneys providing several legal services troughout the EU, Codaction offers assistance to consumers involved in lawsuits under EU or national law who are intent on protecting their rights.

Codaction also protects consumers’ interests by disclosing information and campaigning against any behaviour that ignores or abuses the principles of consumer protection.

All European association members of Codaction can access the various EU funding grants and Community programmes from Europe, and can receive professional advice on the most important EU projects. Our experience is based on many years of activity and success which have marked the numerous projects we’ve been involved in.

Codaction is open to individuals with no discrimination in relation to geographical location, race, sex, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or ethnic group.

Main Activities

CODACONS main services are: • Information: The Association provides information, also on the phone, on issues related to consumer and environmental character. • Orientation: Support for the consumer an informed choice with respect to goods and services on the market. Advice: Front offices offering after enrolment, advice on legal issues envisaged by the individual citizen. • Service as a trade association: CODACONS promotes legal actions to defend collective interests.


To ensure a high level of consumer protection. To ensure the effective application of consumer protection rules. High level of mobilisation of mass media.