The djo-German Youth in Europe is a charitable, apolitical and multi-denominational youth organisation.
It is active in the fields of cultural and political youth work.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • Offer information and help in orientation to young people
  • Promote tolerance and understanding between young people in Europe
  • Establish identity and an aid to integration to the inmigrant communities and support the cultural activity of young immigrants;
  • Commitment to a global proscription of expulsions
  • Commitment to the social, political and cultural rights of refugees and those who have been expelled.
Main Activities
  • organisation of seminars, conferences, international meetings on integration, youth exchanges etc
  • intercultural trainings and work groups
  • Project initiation
  • International youth exchange
  • Residential summer camps for children and young people
  • Exchange of skilled workers in international youth work
  • Dance and culture festivals
  • diversity and amount of activities
  • work with inmingrants
  • targets inside and outside Germany