ECAS was created in 1990 as an international non-profit organization, independent of political parties, commercial interests and the EU Institutions.

ECAS’ mission is to enable NGOs and individuals to make their voice heard with the EU by providing advice on how to lobby, fundraise, and defend European citizenship rights.

ECAS is a large cross-sectoral European association bringing together members from different areas of activity: civil liberties, culture, development, health and social welfare, as well as general civil society development agencies.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • Train NGO representatives from the new member states and neighbouring countries to become EU specialists.
  • Promote better access to the structural funds for NGOs
  • Run the Citizen Signpost Service for the European Commission at a high level of quality and to help solve cross-border problems.
  • Promote a « dual citizenship, » both national and European, based on residence and going beyond free movement rights.
  • Organise conferences and develop co-operation among citizens advice services
  • Inform citizens about the new Consitution and how it strengthens their European rights.
  • Develop policy research on transparency and communication between the EU and citizens.
  • Propose a European compact between civil society and the EU Institutions.
  • Campaign for a genuine European citizenship.
Main Activities
  • Funding Guide – on how to access the world’s largest donor. Hundreds of NGOs have accessed European funding as a result.
  • Publications – free hardcopies of reports on the subsequent Treaties, free movement rights, European citizenship, the EU communication policy, the Structural Funds and access to information.
  • Three e-newsletters that provide members with monthly updates on EU news, consultations and events, as well as calls for proposals and tenders (there is the general newsletter and two specialised ones: in free movement rights and EU Neighbourhood policy).
  • Personalised advice on fundraising, preparing project proposals, putting together and running partnerships, running an advocacy campaign or setting up an office in Brussels and creating a European association with legal personality.
  • New website (which gets some 20.000 clicks per month) with free advertising links as well as announcements of events, advocacy campaigns and programmes, in order to make the member organisation better known in Brussels and in the EU.
  • Active involvement in the Issue Group on EU rights, participatory democracy and civil society.
  • Professional help in organising contacts and visits to the EU Institutions and other European NGOs.
  • Legal advice on free movement rights of persons and the use of EU judicial and non-judicial remedies.
  • Assistance in organisation of events (help with publicity via external communication tools, conference logistics in Brussels, civil society and media outreach).

Professional services (fundraising, lobbying, organization) for European NGOs.

Finance and Main Partners
  • Membership fees
  • Grants
  • Sponsorships