We are a nonprofit association that works for active citizenship promoting and social commitment in our near local environment.
Our objectives are to promote attitudes among citizens that help create spaces based on respect and values. Therefore, we work in the development of projects that contribute to promoting social entrepreneurship, equality and knowledge among citizens, with different target groups.

Legal form
Non-profit organization
  • To promote an active and engaged citizenship.
  • Encourage values, attitudes and skills that grant autonomy to the citizens, understanding the entrepreneurship ,further more than starting a business.
  • Foster discussion, debate and reflection on our environment, from our responsible citizen’s commitment.
Main Activities

Our main activities are:

  1. Social Networks: Collaborating with other organizations to participate and develop new initiatives.
  2. Europe Day: we organise a very special event in Getxo, to conmemorate and share Europe Day as an opportunity to talk about different questions (development of cities, heritage, social innovation…). We also promote workshops and coffee-talks about Europe.
  3. Equality, gender and Education: we are working since 2015 in forum theatre sessions held in schools.
  1. We are a multidisciplinary team with high skills for synergy and interaction with other organizations to promote projects that add value to the community.
  2. With experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of European projects.
  3. People used to working with different target groups, on the stages of social entrepreneurship and equality, among others.
Finance and Main Partners

We work based on public economical support that allow specific projects implementation

Synergies and maintain relationship with the association of bloggers Getxo – Getxoblog, Emakumeekin, the University of the Basque Country, and various companies from the nearest environment of our town, Getxo and Bizkaia


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