The EEAC network is a collaboration between the councils set up by European governments to provide independent and scientifically based advice on environment and sustainable development.
The network is a powerful tool for sharing information and experience across Europe.

Legal form
Platform – collective of organisations

– Enrich the advice the individual councils give to their national and regional governments;
– Provide an operational framework for joint activities;
– Profit from the experiences and work of councils in other countries;
– Better anticipate forthcoming strategic issues at European level, and, where appropriate, exert an influence on policy developments at EU level by acting cooperatively.

Main Activities

– working groups (sustainable development and governance; energy policy; agriculture and land use; biodiversity; marine environment coastal zones)
– Annual conferences on the theme chosen in the working groups.
– Production of joint recommendations in the form of statements or letter advice addressed to key players in the European, national and regional arena and presented at an EEAC Annual Conference.
– the EEAC network also organises workshops and seminars on particular subjects of interest to its members


– vaste network of advisory councils across Europe
– important influence potential in the policy making at european, national, regional level