EFCO is a non- profit, non Government and non- sectarian organisation.
EFCO is a council of European groups and organisations promoting the understanding and development of all cultures in Europe, fostering peace, friendship, understanding and tolerance.
EFCO is building the structure for a United Europe and a Civil Society with a strong foundation of knowledge, experience, goodwill and friendship.
EFCO promotes respect and understanding for each European citizens cultural identity .
EFCO recognizes the need of all European Citizens to preserve and enrich their National cultural identity in a developing European Community of Nations.

Legal form
Non-profit organization

-To bring together the citizens of Europe by organising and supporting European cooperation projects, youth exchanges,workshops and meetings
-To allow young people especially those who are disadvantaged to meet and explore in an informal way common mutual themes and to develop a greater understanding of each others cultural identity and the history, roots and common cultural values in Europe
-To forge links between the young citizens of Europe, leading to a more civil society in all our communities in Europe.

Main Activities

-European Seminars, Conferences, Meetings and Exchanges for leaders and youth:
-To develop a greater understanding of each others culture and heritage.
-Building bridges between all countries of Europe.
-Extending the hand of friendship to all Europeans
-Helping overcome prejudices by intercultural learning. While growing together in a peaceful European Community and Civil Society.


– Intercultural dialogue.
– Friendship, respect for each others cultural identity
– Warm and friendly meetings. United Europe and Civil Society.