The European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO) was launched in the Spring of 2006;

It is an independent and interdisciplinary academic organization whose declared goal is to produce a permanent and periodic assessment of democratic practices within the EU,
It is a forum to exchange ideas and good practices,
It is a resource for policy-makers, academics and EU citizens.

Legal form
Research center – Think Tank

– Translate scientific and academic research on the key issues of European democracy into policy-relevant and publicly-understandable outputs.
– Produce a permanent and periodic evaluation of democratic practices within the EU.
– Develop practical suggestions for improving democratic performance in the EU.
– Offer expertise, information, and policy reports to relevant EU institutions.
– Serve as a forum where research results, experiences, ideas, and good practices can be exchanged between scholars and policy-makers.

Main Activities

EUDO gathers documentation and data, provides basic and applied research reports for EU institutions, and fosters dialogue between policy-makers, academics and EU citizens.
– EUDO Observatories
– EUDO disseminaiton conference organised once a year
– EUDO data centre
– Based on a network of existing scientific research and research teams in Europe EUDO engages in a systematic effort to translate, disseminate and debate these results, making them policy relevant and communicable to the general public.
– EUDO webforum: main EUDO communication platform
– EUDO training platform, summer schools and scholarships


– sharing platform of information, documents and researches
– popularisation of european issues